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The CCE and Section 602.13

By |January 24, 2012|Guidelines|

 As has been (not so) widely reported, the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) of the US Department of Education met on December 14, 2011 to consider the Council on Chiropractic Education’s petition for renewal of recognition. The process of continuing the recognition of an existing agency is generally unremarkable, often requiring only 15 minutes or so of discussion.

This proceeding involving CCE was anything but routine, with four hours of public comments, agency responses, and deliberations. In the end the Department of Education staff identified over 40 compliance issues that the CCE needs to address within the next year. These areas of deficiency exceeded the norm for re-accreditation violations. Chairman Wickes referred to the quantity of citations as “an embarrassing number.” The CCE expects an official letter from NACIQI approximately 90 days from the hearing date and they expect to be granted a maximum of 12 months from the date of this document to address the identified deficiencies. The Council predicts a deadline of March 2013 to complete a compliance report to NACIQI’s committee liaison.

Following overwhelming written and oral testimony to the committee expressing concerns about the CCE from the profession at large, the NACIQI added the following statement: “In addition to the numerous issues identified in the staff report, NACIQI asks the agency to demonstrate compliance with Section 602.13 dealing with the wide acceptance of its standards, policies, procedures, and decisions; and to address how its standards advance quality in chiropractic education.” (more…)

The Council on Chiropractic Education Accreditation Standards Draft for 2012

By |September 14, 2010|Guidelines|

In the 2012 draft of the Council on Chiropractic Education’s Accreditation Standards one of the bullet points in their mission statement reads, “Serving as a unifying body for the chiropractic profession.”

In a September 1st, 2010 document to interested parties on the Life West Chiropractic College website titled “A discussion of a limited number of changes in the CCE’s 2007 version of the Standards for Doctor of Chiropractic programs and proposed revisions to the same”, college president Dr. Gerald Clum seems to disagree with that statement. He summarizes his concerns thusly,

Concern: The items outlined above indicate an attempt to move the profession:

  • Toward the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine perspective
  • Away from any use of the term subluxation
  • Toward the inclusion of drug therapy
  • Away from being a drugless discipline
  • Toward a generalized common definition of primary care as used in primary care medicine
  • Away from any definition of chiropractic and what a chiropractor does

And so, the thorny issue of unity never goes away. Do we move forward into a world that knows only “chiropractic medicine” or do we maintain that chiropractic is and always should be “separate and distinct”? Or, can we have it both ways? One thing is sure. If we continue to confound the public as to our identity we will never see the numbers of patients to which we believe we are entitled.

Relevant documents…

    BTW, you can make comments on the draft using a form on the CCE home page.