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World Health Day April 7th

By |April 7, 2010|News|

Source CNN

It’s World Health Day on Wednesday, which this year has a special focus on urbanization and health. It’s a theme the World Health Organization (WHO) hopes will highlight the effects urbanization has on the welfare of people who live and work in cities. The campaign will run from 7-11 April with the theme “1000 cities, 1000 lives,” and will look at how the urban environment affects both our collective and individual health.

Six out of 10 people will live in urban areas by 2030, says the WHO, which promotes World Health Day on 7 April each year to commemorate the founding of the organization 62 years ago. Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director General, said: “Cities concentrate threats to health such as inadequate sanitation and refuse collection, pollution, road traffic accidents, outbreaks of infectious diseases and also unhealthy lifestyles.” (more…)