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Concussion study: UBC’s Thunderbirds use their heads to advance science

Chiro.Org Blog: UBC football players are helping advance the science around concussions — using their own heads. When the Thunderbirds take to the field for the national semi-finals today a number of them will be wearing head sensors that take measurements to help researchers unravel the impact of concussions on athletes. […]

NCAA suggests contact limits for football practice

Source YAHOO News

The NCAA is suggesting that football teams hold no more than two contact practices per week during the season in guidelines that grew out of a safety and concussion summit early this year.

Practice limits were among several recommendations released Monday by the NCAA, which called […]

Chiropractic Neurology: Breakthrough Treatment or Placebo?

Further to the discussions of chiropractic specialties, this piece appeared recently on Nightline. You can find a video of this segment on the Nightline Website. A previous chiro org blog entry shows an interview with Dr Carrick regarding his treatment of hockey player Sydney Crosby for concussion.


Source ABC Nightline August 17, 2012

Will […]

Sidney Crosby Press Conference with Dr Ted Carrick

Sidney Crosby, probably the best player in the NHL, and one who is certainly marketed as the face of the NHL along with Alexander Ovechkin, has been unable to play hockey since last year due to a serious concussion. Recently he has been treated by Dr Ted Carrick, a chiropractor and founder of the Carrick […]