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A Constitutional Challenge to DCs Diagnosing – What This Means for Health Care

By |April 27, 2010|Legal Action|

A Constitutional Challenge to DCs Diagnosing –
What This Means for Health Care

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SOURCE:   ProviderLaw.Com

By Keith Pendleton, JD

President of ProviderLAW

I. The Lawsuit in Texas

In January, 2006, the American Medical Association (AMA) announced an industry consortium known as the “Scope of Practice Partnership” (SOPP).

The consortium was originally formed by the AMA, along with 6 national medical specialty societies and 6 state medical associations, including the Texas Medical Association (TMA).

As part of its formation, the original members of SOPP agreed that they needed to begin reigning in the scope of practices of various professions, the chiropractic profession included.

Specifically, SOPP members agreed that it was “necessary to concentrate the resources of organized medicine to oppose scope of practice expansions by allied health professionals that threaten the health and safety of the public … through a wide-range of efforts, including … judicial advocacy….” (emphasis added).

Organized medicine?” Are we talking about a nationwide campaign here?

Threaten the health and safety of the public?” Is this really what this is about?

As part of the announcement, organized medicine resolved to challenge the scope of practice of various health care professions in a comprehensive, nationwide, consistent manner, including through use of the courts.