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Edzard Ernst ruffles feathers in the UK

By |August 23, 2011|News|

Professor Edzard Ernst caused an uproar this week when he labelled Prince Charles a ‘snake oil salesman’ for his dandelion and artichoke detox remedy.

Source The Guardian

Edzard Ernst keeps a stack of hate mail as a souvenir. Two months after the world’s first professor of complementary medicine took early retirement from his post at Exeter university after 18 years, the letters are still coming. An email from a chiropractor denouncing him landed in his inbox a few days ago, while Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg tweeted earlier this week that for his latest attack on Prince Charles he should be locked up in the Tower of London.

“I’ve got used to it,” Ernst says. “At first it was a bit depressing. At least the criticism is not racist – ‘that bloody German’, as it would be in France or Austria. I would find that hard to stomach but mostly I can find it amusing. It’s strangely hilarious because the people who attack me are so bonkers.” (more…)