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Iatrogenic Injuries and Medicine

By |April 10, 2009|News|

Iatrogenic Injuries and Medicine

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Informed Consent involves discussing the illness or complaint with the patient, and then reviewing risks and benefits of all the treatments that are available for that complaint. Unless your doctor has provided ALL that information, you have not been properly informed.

Conservative chiropractic care is much safer for musculoskeletal complaints (neck or back pain etc) than standard medical management, which usually includes pain pills, muscle relaxants, and occasionally physical therapy (exercises).

Chiropractors often hear from patients that medical care either didn’t help, or even made the patient’s feel worse.

Unfortunately, the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year, and you may want to learn more about that at our Iatrogenic Injury Page before you choose medical care for your complaint.

You shouldn’t choose ANY form of care until you know ALL the risks.