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The Supreme Court’s health care decision: What it does—and does not—mean

Source Harvard Health Blog

Anthony Komaroff, M.D., Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (which I’ll just call the Law) in 2010 was regarded as a landmark event in U.S. history. Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court, which largely upholds the Law, […]

Smokers and the obese cheaper to care for, study shows

Source New York Times

Preventing obesity and smoking can save lives, but it does not save money, according to a new report.

It costs more to care for healthy people who live years longer, according to a Dutch study that counters the common perception that preventing obesity would save governments millions […]

New Study Reveals: Starting with Chiropractic Saves 40% on Low Back Pain Care

New Study Reveals: Starting with Chiropractic Saves 40% on Low Back Pain Care

The Chiro.Org Blog

SOURCE:   Insurancenewsnet.Com

A new JMPT study finds that low back pain care initiated with a doctor of chiropractic (DC) saves 40% on health care costs when compared with care initiated through a medical doctor (MD), the American […]

Kaiser Suspends Policy Change Following ACA Action

Kaiser Suspends Policy Change Following ACA Action

The Chiro.Org Blog

Source ACA

Kaiser Permanente Mid Atlantic States and Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (Kaiser) has suspended its decision to exclude cervical Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT) from coverage. The change came after the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) outlined in a letter to Kaiser the scientific […]

American Chiropractic Association Responds To New Kaiser Policy Excluding Cervical Manipulation

American Chiropractic Association Responds To New Kaiser Policy Excluding Cervical Manipulation

The Chiro.Org Blog


Kaiser Permanente Mid Atlantic States and Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group recently revised their Chiropractic Manipulation Medical Coverage Policy to exclude cervical Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT).

The revised policy states, “Given the paucity of data related to […]

Doctors of Chiropractic and Patients Included in UnitedHealth Group Settlement

Source The American Chiropractic Association

A record-breaking settlement has been reached between the American Medical Association, et al. and UnitedHealth Group—the nation’s largest health insurer— for 15 years of artificially low payments for out-of-network services. More than $350 million has been allocated to compensate impacted providers and subscribers, including doctors of […]

Health insurers shifting costs ahead of law – report

Source Reuters By Susan Heavey

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some of the largest U.S. health insurers are changing their accounting practices to book administration costs as medical costs in an attempt to circumvent new industry reforms, according to a U.S. Senate panel’s report released on Thursday.

Under the healthcare law passed in March, insurers must adjust […]

Millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms

Source The Guardian America’s healthcare industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to block the introduction of public medical insurance and stall other reforms promised by Barack Obama. The campaign against the president has been waged in part through substantial donations to key politicians.

Supporters of radical reform of healthcare say legislation emerging from […]

Pilot study finds chiropractic care, physical therapy may reduce costs

Source Risk and Insurance Online

Individuals with musculoskeletal disorders who received chiropractic care or physical therapy had lower health care costs and were less likely to have surgery than employees who did not receive those services, according to a recent report.

The findings come from a one-year pilot program designed by Wellmark Blue Cross and […]

Health Care Realities

The following commentary by economist Paul Krugman appeared in the The New York Times Published: July 30, 2009

At a recent town hall meeting, a man stood up and told Representative Bob Inglis to “keep your government hands off my Medicare.” The congressman, a Republican from South Carolina, tried to explain that Medicare is already […]

Expanded Armed Forces Access to Chiropractic

Source American Chiropractic Association

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a directive that orders the Pentagon to make chiropractic care a standard benefit for all active duty military personnel. The legislation is contained in HR 2647, a bill authorizing defense programs in fiscal year 2010, and is based in part on recommendations from the […]

Alberta delists chiropractic coverage from provincial health care plan

The Edmonton Journal

Albertans will no longer be able to claim chiropractic care starting this summer, after the government delisted chiropractor services from its provincial health plan.

The cut, which will save approximately $53 million, will mean patients will be out up to $200 each year.

The province also cut coverage for gender reassignment surgery […]

Chiropractor to go cash-only

By Christian Livermore Times Herald-Record Posted: April 06, 2009 – 2:00 AM

TOWN OF WALLKILL — A local chiropractor fed up with the hassle and underpayment by insurance companies is switching to a cash-only practice.

Dr. Peter Holst said insurance companies are paying less of the cost of chiropractic visits, making patients pay more and […]

ACA, NCLAF Join Forces to Fight National Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Policy Change

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), in coordination with the National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund (NCLAF), has initiated an “all fronts” response to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s (BC/BSA) Jan. 1 policy change that removed doctors of chiropractic from the classification of “physician” in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (BC/BS […]