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Chiropractic Care Expansion on Insurance Coverage Proposed

By |February 26, 2010|News|

Source Michigan Policy Network

A new state legislative proposal brought forth in Michigan by the senate, if passed, would create new boundaries for insurance coverage pertaining to chiropractic and optometric services. Senate Bill No. 969 was introduced on November 5, 2009 by Senator Richardville. This is inclusive to bills 968 through 973. These bills all call for the same type of change in insurance coverage, however they entail different aspects of the insurance field. The new bill is meant to expand the role of chiropractic service in the state of Michigan, and will allegedly have no fiscal impact on the State or local government. To address this fiscal impact, the cost of insurance for state and local employees would be increased by an unspecified amount. The areas under consideration for amending include motor vehicle personal and property protection, the Prudent Purchaser Act, the Nonprofit Health Care Corporation Reform Act, the Workers Disability Compensation Act, disabilities insurance policies, and group and blanket disability insurance. Under the new bill, any coverage for these specific policies would be subject to the Public Health Code as of January 1, 2009. Anything not covered in the Public Health Code after that time would be required for them out of their own pocket. (more…)