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Retired general crusades for chiropractic care

By |August 26, 2010|News|

Source The Daytona Beach News-Journal

PORT ORANGE — Tucked in retired Brig. Gen. Becky Halstead’s briefcase are several dog tags listing the names of men and women who “didn’t make it home.”

Halstead, 51, the first woman to command in combat at the strategic level, said Wednesday she carries the tags she had engraved of the people who died and served under her command in the U.S. Army as a reminder of “the sacrifices they made.”

“I don’t ever want to forget,” Halstead told more than 100 college students at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange.

She told the story while talking to students about leadership and principles she thinks are important to live by such as serving others, having a positive attitude, being dedicated and disciplined.

Halstead, who spent 27 years in the military and served in Iraq in 2005 and 2006 after previously serving in Afghanistan, also is the first female graduate of West Point to be promoted to general. She now heads her own consulting company. (more…)