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WHO to examine its H1N1 response

By |January 18, 2010|Flu|

Source CBC News

The World Health Organization will review accusations it overstated the risks of the H1N1 virus.

The most recent complaints about WHO’s handling of the pandemic came from the Council of Europe, a political forum, where last week parliamentarian Wolfgang Wodarg called H1N1 a “false pandemic.” In November 2009, Dr. Richard Schabas, Ontario’s former chief medical officer of health, referred to it as a “dud pandemic.”

The European concern is that WHO may have overstated the dangers of the pandemic because of pressure from pharmaceutical companies that produce swine flu vaccines. (more…)

World Health Organization wants global tax on Internet, banking

By |January 18, 2010|News|

Source Digital Journal

The United Nation’s World Health Organization called for governments around the world to impose a global consumer tax on things like Internet activity and paying bills online.

In order to raise tens of billions of dollars, the UN’s World Health Organization is urging governments around the world to institute a global consumer tax on Internet activity and simple everyday tasks such as conducting online bill payments on your bank’s website, according to Fox News. The sole purpose for these billions of dollars is for development of drugs, research, development and manufacturing capabilities in developing nations. (more…)