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This section is compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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By Marilyn Gard

One way to become better known in your community is through contact with local businesses and factories. Place a telephone call to a local shop or factory, asking for the personnel department. Inquire as to the name of the personnel director or plant secretary. Send a letter to the shop in care of this person (see sample below).

Let the company know you are a chiropractic office that specializes in caring for and preventing on-the-job injuries. If you have the information available, include statistics about how chiropractic gets people back to work faster, more cheaply and keeps them working. Offer to speak to the factory or business employees at any time about job safety for the spine. Have a 30-minute talk prepared which shows proper lifting techniques, good posture and tips for the prevention of injuries.

To introduce your clinic to the businesses or factories targeted, you might use a letter like this:

August 13, 1992

(name of contact person)

Martin Manufacturing

111 Crestview Rd.

Billings, MT 49907


Dear Ms/Mr_____________:

I am a local chiropractor who specializes in caring for and preventing on-the-job injuries. The number of work-related injuries in the U.S. has increased significantly in the past five years. As these numbers increase, so do the costs to employers such as yourself for disability payments and production losses.

Our goal at Greatspine Chiropractic Center is to prevent job injuries from happening in the first place through regular treatment and proper education. Where injuries have already occurred, the focus is to get the patient back to work as fast as possible, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

I would be happy to speak to you and your employees at your factory about preventing job injuries. Let me also extend to all of you an open invitation to attend one of our free spinal health care classes, and receive a complimentary consultation. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm. Spinal health care classes are held every Monday and Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm.

Greatspine Chiropractic Center wants to be the office of choice for your health care needs and the needs of your employees. We will be calling you within the next 10 days to discuss your needs further.


Jane Doe, D.C.

After ten days, the C.A. should follow up the introductory letter with a telephone call. You might use an approach similar to the following:

"Hello, this is Connie from Dr. Doe’s office. Is Mary Jones available? (When Mary is on the phone, proceed). Did you receive the letter we sent you regarding preventing job injuries?"

When Mary responds in the affirmative, you might say: "Great! The doctor wanted me to call and see if you would like to schedule an in-service training for your employees."

If you receive a positive response, you might say: "Terrific. Did you have a specific date in mind?" (If so, confirm the date and time. If not, suggest one.)

After setting a date and time, try to nail down the specifics. "How much time should doctor allow? Approximately how many employees will she be speaking to?"

Finally, conclude the conversation. "I’m glad we were able to set up a training session. I’m sure your employees will benefit greatly. Thanks for your help, Mary. Dr. Doe will see you on (date).

If the initial response is negative, you might follow the response with the following:

"If you would like doctor to speak at some future date, please call at any time. In the interim, we would like to extend an invitation to attend one of our free spinal health care classes. The next one is Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. It was nice talking with you, Mary."

If you schedule a speaking engagement, remember a few pointers:

1. It is far better to have 15 minutes of quality instruction than two hours of boring lecture. This educational program is especially effective in industries where back injuries are prevalent such as nursing homes, manufacturing plants, delivery services, etc. The talk should be brief and concise with lots of demonstration.

2. If possible, involve your audience by having them work together and practice safe lifting techniques or whatever job safety tip you are featuring. People learn better when they participate in the learning process. You will know you have succeeded if your audience wants more information that you provided. That gives you an opportunity for a repeat visit.

3. After the talk, give employees an open invitation for a complimentary consultation. In addition, offer to work with the employer on providing immediate treatment for employees injured on the job. Stress the importance of timely intervention and the benefits of a shortened healing process.

It will take effort to establish your office as the "back specialist" in your community, but the efforts will be rewarded. Never be afraid to approach other businesses. Even if they turn you down initially, you have brought your presence to their consciousness. It may pay dividends in the future.

Thanks to Marilyn Gard for the use of her files!


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