Your Attitude Affects Your Health

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By Marilyn Gard

It has long been a popular notion that "dis-ease" is something that happens to us, something outside our control. Disease is an outsider that invades our bodies, rendering us helpless to resist. Excellent health, the opposite of disease, is viewed as a blessing bestowed only on a select few. It is precisely this viewpoint that sometimes keeps us from experiencing the optimal level of health.

Granted, there are diseases which can adversely affect our health. No one would argue that fact. However, there are things that you, can do to achieve better health. I have found that one of the keys is a positive mental attitude.

Do you know people who are constantly so negative that you have learned never to greet them with the traditional "How are you?" Your greeting is answered by a litany of complaints, ranging from a sore throat to achy joints. You quickly become sorry you asked! (and you vow to never ask again!) Regardless of the circumstances, the person never feels good. You often wonder if this person spent childhood sick as a way to get attention. This can be a learned behavior.

There are two ways that your attitude can speed your healing process. One involves direct action on your part. When your doctor gives you specific recommendations about your treatment schedule, this has been based upon their experience with patients with similar problems. They have found that patients who adhere to the treatment schedule feel better faster. Their bodies heal faster and the underlying cause of the problem — the subluxation — is corrected sooner. Skipping appointments delays and prolongs the healing process.

The second way you can affect your healing is to set up positive conditions for change. Believe that you will feel better and send this message to your body. Picture yourself doing things you love pain free. Spend time in meditation, letting go of negative thoughts about your body. Your positive attitude will send healing to the affected areas.

What you think does make a difference. While a positive attitude cannot guarantee perfect health, it can make a noticeable difference.

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