Functional Deficits in Athletes with a History of Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study

Functional Deficits in Athletes with a History
of Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study

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FROM: Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2002 (Dec);   83 (12):   17531758

Nadler SF, Moley P, Malanga GA, Rubbani M, Prybicien M, Feinberg JH

Objective:   To evaluate whether athletes with a history of low back pain (LBP) would, on average, perform slower on a timed 20-m shuttle run as compared with a normal athletic population.

Design:   A timed shuttle run to evaluate residual functional limitations in college athletes with resolved LBP.

Setting:   National College Athletic Association (NCAA) division I college.

Participants:   NCAA division I athletes (161 men, 50 women).

Intervention:   A timed 20-m shuttle run.

Main Outcome Measure:   Each athlete was timed in a divided 20m (66ft) run in which 2 taped lines were positioned 6.7m (22ft) apart.

Results:   Of 211 athletes evaluated, 27 had been treated for LBP during the previous year. Currently asymptomatic athletes with a recent history of LBP were slower (6.3s vs 5.8s) during performance of the timed 20-m shuttle run than athletes without LBP (P=.0002).

Conclusions:   Athletes with resolved LBP were slower than a matched group of normal athletes without LBP in the timed 20-m shuttle run. Further research is needed to support these findings and to understand fully the influence of the kinetic chain and the effects of both gender and sport on the observed findings.

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