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Table 3

Average annual per capita total health costs between CAM and non-CAM respondents with spine problems, MEPS 2002–2008.
Total expendituresInpatientOutpatientPrescriptionEmergency
unadjustedNon-CAM user$8,383$2,675$3,070$2,086$318
CAM user$5,888$1,381$3,024$1,227$183
Difference in expenditures (CAM use – non-CAM use)$-2495 (p<0.001)$-1295 (p<0.001)$-46 (p=0.754)$-859 (p < 0.001)$-136 (p<0.001)
Age, sex, race & Insurance, primary diagnosis, & comorbidity adjustedNon-CAM user$7,948$2,517$2,976$1,952$310
CAM user$6,518$1,609$3,160$1,421$196
Difference in expenditures (CAM use – non-CAM use)$-1430 (p<0.001)$-908 (p=0.005)$184 (p=0.203)$-531 (p < 0.001)$-114 (p<0.001)
+ region & income, education, employment adjustedNon-CAM user$7,898$2,496$3,004$1,913$307
CAM user$6,575$1,628$3,125$1,474$199
Difference in expenditures (CAM use – non-CAM use)$-1322 (p=0.001)$-868 (p=0.001)$121 (p<0.001)$-439 (p < 0.001)$-108 (p<0.001)
+ self reported health status measuresNon-CAM user$7,682$2,414$2,949$1,848$300
CAM user$6,887$1,742$3,204$1,569$210
Difference in expenditures (CAM use – non-CAM use)$-796 (p=0.021)$-672 (p=0.006)$255 (p=0.056)$-279 (p=0.001)$-90 (p<0.001)
Propensity score matched [2]Difference in expenditures (CAM use – non-CAM use)$-298 (p=0.403)$-298 (p=0.227)$292 (p=0.046)$-145 (p=0.074)$-92 (p=0.016)