Table 2

Characteristics and Unadjusted Associations of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use

VariableStudy Population n = 1,305CAM Use n = 485 (37.2%)p value

Age (years)0.99

Marital status0.04


Service branch<0.01
 Navy, Reserve/Guard725.53730.6

Occupational category0.06
 Combat specialists28521.810737.5
 Mechanical repair21616.67235.3
 Electrical repair18414.16538.3
 Communications and intelligence906.94165.2
 Health care1289.84935.9
 Craft workers332.51339.4

Education level0.02
 Some high school or diploma33926.010531.0
 Some college61146.823538.5
 College degree or higher35527.214540.9

 Asian/Pacific Islander846.42833.3


General health0.19
 Very good or excellent91169.832746.6
 Poor or fair584.42735.9

Number of days spent in bed due to illness or injury in past year (sick days)<0.01

Body pain in past 4 weeks<0.01
 None/very mild76358.525633.6

Level of satisfaction with physician<0.01
 Not very or not at all18814.48332.6

Level of trust in physician0.12
 Completely or a lot68052.126138.4
 Little or not at all23017.69340.4

Addiction to alcohol or drugs in the last year0.16

Obesity in the last year0.29
p value based on an unadjusted chi-square test of association.