Table 3.

Adverse impact of chronic pain on physical functioning in the Olmsted County Health Study in Minnesota, 2004 to 2006

CharacteristicsAdjusted mean difference(95% CI) P value
Chronic pain
 No chronic painReference
 Abdominal chronic pain–4.8(–9.6, –0.1)0.048
 Joint chronic pain–7.9(–12.1, –3.6)<0.001
 Low back chronic pain–6.9(–10.8, –3.1)<0.001
 Neuropathic chronic pain–10.0(–13.9, –6.1)<0.001
 Multisite chronic pain–16.8(–22.0, –11.6)<0.001
Age category
 ≤49 yearsReference
 50–59 years–7.5(–10.9, –4.0)<0.001
 ≥60 years–12.1(–15.3, –8.9)<0.001
Female, gender–3.8(–6.5, –1.1)0.007
Education, high school or less–4.1(–7.8, –0.4)0.029
Poor or fair health status–23.0(–28.1, –17.9)<0.001
Obesity–7.3(–10.6, –4.0)<0.001
Mild/major depressive symptoms–6.4(–10.6, –2.3)0.002

Medical Outcomes Study Short Form (SF) Physical Functioning score ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best health state.