Table 1

Outcome measures to be collected for description of the Swiss chiropractic PBRN

ConstructMeasurement method/instrumentInception
DemographicsGender, age, year of graduationX
Practice characteristicsNumber of years in practice, location of practiceX
Primary language used in practiceX
Number of healthcare practitioners involved in practiceX
Type of healthcare offeredX
Average number of patients seen per weekX
Types of patients seen within practiceX
Frequency of complaints seen within practiceX
ConfidencePractitioner self-confidence scaleX
Beliefs and attitudesPain attitudes and beliefs scale—MusculoskeletalX
Level of motivation to be involved in the Swiss ChiCo pilot studyX
Digitalisation of chiropractic practicesElectronic patient record system in practiceX
Encrypted email use in practiceX
Offering virtual care in practiceX
COVID-19 aspectsChange in quality of life, change in patient numbers, change in work hours, change in use of telehealth/e-health services.X