Table 2

Outcome measures and timing of data collection for the Swiss ChiCo patient pilot study

ConstructMeasurement method/instrumentPre visitPost visitWeek 2Week 6Week 12
ClinicClinic name, clinicianX
DemographicsGender, age, nationality, level of education, smoking statusX
Work status, time lost from work due to pain complaintXXXX
Injury characteristicsNaïve to chiropractic careX
Duration of complaintX
Location of pain complaintX
Pain, enjoyment, general activity scaleXXXXX
Other healthcare professional involved in careXXXX
Number of chiropractic visits since initial visitXXX
Pain medication useMedication use for pain reduction (prescription or non-prescription)XXXX
Imaging useDiagnostic imaging use for this specific MSK complaintXXXX
Diagnostic imaging received in the past year for other complaintX
Psychosocial profileÖrebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire—Short FormX
COVID-19 aspectsQuality of life now compared with before COVID-19X
Activity compared with before COVID-19X
Cancelled medical treatment due to COVID-19X
MSK health statusMusculoskeletal health questionnaireXXXXX
Illness perceptionBrief illness perception questionnaire (question 9)X
Change in conditionPatient Global Impression of Change scaleXXX