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Table 4

Logistic regression output for chiropractors that treat migraine often compared to never/rarely/sometimes

FactorsOdds Ratio95% C.I. p-value
Non-musculoskeletal disorders3.0582.132, 4.388< 0.001
Neck pain (Axial)2.8891.181, 7.0680.020
Thoracic pain (Referred/radicular)2.2521.580, 3.210< 0.001
Neck pain (Referred/radicular)1.8811.280, 2.7640.001
Low back pain (Referred/radicular)1.7831.115, 2.8510.016
Upper limb Musculoskeletal disorders1.6681.206, 2.3080.002
Athletes or Sports people1.6531.225, 2.2310.001
Functional Neurology1.6321.020, 2.6100.041
Spinal health maintenance/prevention1.5861.116, 2.2520.010
Discussing medication (Including pain/inflammation)1.5551.093, 2.2130.014
Psychologist/counsellor in same practice0.5430.342, 0.8620.010