Table 3.

Secondary Care Encounters for OAT vs. SMT as Initial Approach to Long-term Care of cLBP

Propensity Scoring MethodRate RatioCISEP
Binning2.432.40 – 2.460.01<.0001
Weighting2.672.64 – 2.690.00<.0001

Estimate = exponentiated log of rate ratio for Cohort OATC vs. SMTC

SMTC: Initiation of care of cLBP with SMT in 2013 (combination of SMT and SMTX)

OATC: Initiation of care of cLBP with OAT in 2013 combination of OAT and OATX)

CI = confidence interval; SE = standard error; P = probability

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