Table 1.

Chiropractic Services – Services chiropractors provide at the Mount Carmel Clinic (MCC)

(a)Record patient health history
(b)Conduct patient examination (chiropractic, physical and orthopaedic)
(c)Determine if additional diagnostic tests are required (radiographs)
(d)Report of findings to patients (review of examination results)
(e)Determine if chiropractic treatment is clinically warranted for presenting condition or if referral for other healthcare management is required
(f)Communicate a diagnosis
(g)Design a treatment plan
(h)Engage patient in informed consent procedures
(i)Treat patients
(j)Document clinical encounters
(k)Provide patient education (exercise, healthy living)
(l)Assist MCC with community program activities
(m)Promote “Manitoba Healthy Living” strategies
(n)Deliver presentations to MCC staff
(o)Work with the MCC Health Team to achieve full integration of services