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Clinical Guidelines for Chiropractic Practice in Canada

Commission's Letter

29 September 1993
William A. Johnstone, D.C.
President, Canadian Chiropractic Association,
1396 Eglinton Avenue West,
Toronto, Ontario
M6C 2E4

Dear Dr. Johnstone:

We are pleased to submit the report and recommendations of the Consensus Commission established by the Canadian Chiropractic Association to develop clinical guidelines for chiropractic practice in Canada.

According to the Commission's mandate, guidelines have been developed pursuant to a formal consensus process by a group of 35 representative members of the chiropractic profession and a layperson representing the interest of patients.

Respectfully submitted,


Donald J. Henderson, D.C.,
Chair, CCA Practice Guidelines Committee


Silvano Mior, D.C.,
CCA Practice Guidelines Committee


Howard Vernon, D.C.,
CCA Practice Guidelines Committee

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