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Clinical Guidelines for Chiropractic Practice in Canada

General Disclaimer

This document contains guidelines for the practice of chiropractic developed by a commission or consensus group of 35 persons established by The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA). It provides part of an ongoing effort by the chiropractic profession to provide improved guidelines for practice.

Clinical guidelines are designed to assist clinicians by providing an analytical framework for the evaluation and treatment of common clinical problems. These guidelines are not intended to replace a clinician's clinical judgement or to establish the only appropriate approach for all patients. They are intended to be flexible. They are not standards of care. Adherence to them is voluntary. The Association understands that alternative practices are possible and may be preferable under certain clinical conditions. This document does not necessarily reflect the consensus of all members of The CCA, nor is it intended to be an official policy statement of The CCA.

It is not the purpose of this document, which is advisory in nature, to take precedence over federal, provincial or local laws which may affect chiropractic practice.

This document may provide some assistance to third-party payors in the evaluation of care, but is not by itself a proper basis for evaluation. Many factors must be considered in determining clinical necessity in each individual case. Further, guidelines require constant re-evaluation as additional scientific and clinical information becomes available.

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