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Clinical Guidelines for Chiropractic Practice in Canada

President's Letter

November 20, 1993

TO: All Chiropractic Organizations and CCA Members

During the fall of 1990, The Canadian Chiropractic Association responded to the need for the development of clinical practice guidelines. A steering committee was established and a formal process initiated to draft guideline recommendations using consensus methods. Three years later the document entitled, "Clinical Guidelines for Chiropractic Practice in Canada" was completed.

On November 19th, 1993, the Board of Governors of The Canadian Chiropractic Association unanimously passed a special resolution stating, "that The Canadian Chiropractic Association accepts and adopts the 'Practice Guidelines' produced by the committee at the 1993 Glenerin conference".

The development of specific guidelines for chiropractic practice will not be a static process. There will always be a need to review and, where necessary, modify guideline statements based on the availability of new information, clinical research, and changing consensus opinion, etc.

The responsibility for quality care rests with all health care professionals, their professional associations and licensing boards. The clinician must remain current in practice through reading and attending accredited post-graduate educational conferences. The professional organizations and licensing bodies must direct quality assurance initiatives and post-graduate education consistent with currently published and accepted guidelines - in the best interest of both the clinician and public.

It is hoped that all chiropractic organizations will accept and adopt this document, "Clinical Guidelines for Chiropractic Practice in Canada", as an important step in the delivery of cost-effective and clinically necessary care.

W.A. Johnstone, D.C.

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