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Clinical Guidelines for Chiropractic Practice in Canada

Professional Title

The use of professional title is governed by law and individual preference, and varies according to jurisdiction. The most common titles used for the general practice of chiropractic in Canada are 'chiropractor', and 'doctor of chiropractic'. Both of these titles are used in this document.

Specialties exist in chiropractic, in areas such as clinical science, radiology, and sports chiropractic. Specialist practitioners are given their common and usual titles (e.g. chiropractic radiologist).

The structure and format of some of these guideline chapters appeared originally in Guidelines for Chiropractic Quality Assurance and Practice Parameters: Proceedings of the Mercy Center Consensus Conference edited by Scott Haldeman, David Chapman-Smith, Donald M. Petersen, Jr., and Gerald W. Clum. Used with permission of Aspen Publishers, Inc. © 1993.

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