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CHAPTER 1: Chiropractic Science and Practice -- Authorities and Definitions

CHAPTER 2: Basic Essential Care

CHAPTER 3: The Vertebral Subluxation in Chiropractic Practice

CHAPTER 4: Chiropractic Child Care

CHAPTER 5: Routine Check-ups, Prevention and Public Health

CHAPTER 6: Collaborative Care

CHAPTER 7: Consultation, History and Examination

CHAPTER 8: Record Keeping and Patient Consents

CHAPTER 9: Clinical Impression

CHAPTER 10: Modes of Care

CHAPTER 11: Frequency and Duration of Care

CHAPTER 12: Reassessment

CHAPTER 13: Outcome Assessment

CHAPTER 14: Professional Development

CHAPTER 15: Diagnostic Imaging

CHAPTER 16: Instrumentation

CHAPTER 17: Contraindications and Complications