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PMC full text:
Published online 2010 Dec 21. doi:  10.1186/1746-1340-18-34

Table 3

Adjusted Odds Ratios for high volume vs. lower volume chiropractic use

High Volume Use (> 12 visits per CY)
AOR (95% CIs)Reference Category
Demographic Factors
Age0.953 (0.905-1.003)
Male0.742 (0.426-1.294)Female
African American0.813 (0.164-4.035)White
Hispanic0.329 (0.044-2.472)White
Other> 999.99 (< 0.001- > 999.99)White
Marital Status
Never Married1.182 (0.263-5.311)Married
Separated/Divorced0.700 (0.149-3.298)Married
Widowed1.421 (0.791-2.555)Married
Socioeconomic Factors
Educational Attainment
Grade School1.115 (0.551-2.256)Some High School
High School0.516 (0.282-0.943)Some High School
Some College0.556 (0.290-1.067)Some High School
Income Distribution
Income - First Quintile0.588 (0.185-1.870)Fifth Quintile
Income - Second Quintile0.780 (0.386-1.578)Fifth Quintile
Income - Third Quintile0.934 (0.452-1.931)Fifth Quintile
Income - Fourth Quintile0.789 (0.443-1.405)Fifth Quintile
One or More Health Insurance Policy1.752 (0.837-3.665)Zero Additional Health Policies
Working for Pay0.978 (0.488-1.958)
Able to Drive a Car0.866 (0.416-1.800)
Geographic Location Measures
Northeast0.654 (0.157-2.735)MidWest Region
New York/New Jersey1.594 (0.562-4.520)MidWest Region
Mid-Atlantic1.650 (0.546-4.982)MidWest Region
Southeast0.790 (0.296-2.107)MidWest Region
North-Central1.903 (0.844-4.290)MidWest Region
South-West1.153 (0.402-3.308)MidWest Region
Mountain0.539 (0.051-5.698)MidWest Region
West1.818 (0.639-5.169)MidWest Region
Pacific-Northwest0.651 (0.170-2.491)MidWest Region
Rural1.232 (0.691-2.196)
Distance to Chiropractic College - Far1.612 (0.953-2.725)Near (< 150 miles)
Disease History and Comorbidity
Zero Comorbid Conditions1.613 (0.674-3.863)One Comorbid Condition
Two Comorbid Conditions0.568 (0.240-1.346)One Comorbid Condition
Three or More Comorbid Conditions0.854 (0.182-4.011)One Comorbid Condition
Arthritis Ever2.488 (1.097-5.645)
Cancer Ever1.007 (0.392-2.582)
Heart Condition Ever0.906 (0.388-2.117)
Diabetes Now0.976 (0.369-2.584)
Lung Disease Ever0.790 (0.264-2.366)
Psych Problems Ever1.510 (0.532-4.290)
Hip Fracture Ever0.613 (0.126-2.975)
Hypertension Ever1.202 (0.513-2.818)
Functional Status
Bothered by Pain Often0.835 (0.506-1.380)
Difficulty Picking Up a Dime2.389 (1.080-5.281)
Difficulty Lifting 10 Pounds0.843 (0.466-1.595)
Difficulty Pushing/Pulling Large Object1.321 (0.743-2.347)
Difficulty Climbing Flight of Stairs0.987 (0.512-1.902)
Difficulty Walking Several Blocks1.057 (0.575-1.944)
Number of ADLs with Difficulty0.817 (0.491-1.357)
Number of IADLs with Difficulty0.532 (0.255-1.112)
Depressive Symptoms - One or Two0.865 (0.529-1.414)No Depressive Symptoms
Depressive Symptoms - Three or More1.009 (0.498-2.043)No Depressive Symptoms
TICS 7 Score - Zero to Ten0.834 (0.428-1.627)Eleven to Thirteen TICS 7 Score
TICS 7 Score - Fourteen to Fifteen1.112 (0.697-1.773)Eleven to Thirteen TICS 7 Score
Health Lifestyles
Never Smoked0.802 (0.498-1.292)Current or Former Smoker
Ever Drink Alcohol0.860 (0.542-1.363)Never Drink Alcohol
Obese Weight (BMI ≥ 30)0.698 (0.340-1.432)Normal Weight
Over Weight (25 ≤ BMI < 30)0.888 (0.555-1.421)Normal Weight
Under Weight (BMI < 18.5)0.851 (0.131-5.584)Normal Weight
Self-Rated Health
Excellent0.932 (0.335-2.597)Poor Self-Rated Health
Very Good1.117 (0.442-2.822)Poor Self-Rated Health
Good1.240 (0.515-2.986)Poor Self-Rated Health
Fair1.131 (0.479-2.672)Poor Self-Rated Health
Utilization of Health Services in Prior 12 months
Number of Hospitalizations1.172 (0.726-1.893)
Number of Physician Visits - One or Less1.567 (0.987-2.488)Two to Three Physician Visits
Number of Physician Visits - Four to Six1.107 (0.711-1.726)Two to Three Physician Visits
Number of Physician Visits - Seven or More1.556 (0.918-2.636)Two to Three Physician Visits
Supply of Physicians per 1000 - County level1.024 (0.880-1.192)

Note: Physician visit counts are in response to the question of how many visits to medical doctors the individual had made. Significant predictors at the 5% level are shown in bold face italics.

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