Determining Pet Supplementation Doses

Recommendations for herbal and vitamin supplementation are usually given on a dose per pound of body weight basis. The information below is intended to be used as a guide under the supervision of a holistic veterinarian.

Supplement up to 10 lbs 11-35 lbs 36+ lbs*
Vitamin A not to exceed 200 IU/lb/day
B vitamins (B50) 1/4 tablet 2x/day 1/2 tablet 2x/day 1 tablet 2x/day
Vitamin C** 250 mg 2-3x/day 500 mg 2-3x/day 1,000 mg 2-3x/day
Chuan Yin Lian
Kang Lang Pian
375 mg 2x/day 750 mg 2x/day 1,125 mg 2-3x/day
Vitamin E 100 IU/day 200 IU/day 400 IU/day
EPA 100 mg 2x/day 100 mg 2x/day 200 mg 2x/day
DHA 65 mg 2x/day 56 mg 2x/day 130 mg 2x/day
Minerals *** *** ***
Phellodendron 375 mg 2x/day 750 mg 2x/day 1,125 mg 2-3x/day
* Very large breeds may need higher doses. ** Or to bowel tolerance. *** See veterinarian.

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