Glossary of Diets

Vegetarian:   Essentially a plant-based diet that does not include any animal foods. The only true vegetarian diets are raw or live-food and vegan. Variations include lactoovovegetarian and macrobiotic diets.

Lactoovegetarianism:   A plant-based diet that also includes certain animal products such as eggs, milk and other dairy foods.

Macrobiotics:   A diet derived from Asian philosophies that applies principles of yin and yang energetics to food choices. Emphasizes seasonal and regional cuisine. Not strictly vegetarian in theory but largely vegetarian in practice. Many who practice macrobiotics incorporate fish into the diet and may include dairy.

Omnivorous Diet:   A diet that emphasizes animal flesh foods as a primary source of protein. The typical Western diet is an example.

Plant-Based Diet:   A diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes but may include traditional Asian and Mediterranean diets.

Raw or Live-Food Diet:   A plant-based diet that emphasizes eating vegetable foods in their uncooked state. Incorporates sprouted and sometimes fermented foods in the diet. Can be low in complex carbohydrates and protein. Vegan in practice.

Vegan:   The vegan-diet esches foods of animal origin as well as animal flesh. No dairy, eggs, honey or condiments derived from animals.

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