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Figure 1.

Change from baseline (%) in oxidative stress markers. A, Representative Western blot and protein content of p47phox (B), Keap-1 (E) and NQO1 (F) in total MNC lysates. C and D, Representative shifted and supershifted (SS) band of Nrf-2 binding to specific ARE site in NQO-1 promoter using EMSA in MNC nuclear extracts before and after intake of 930-calorie HFHC meal plus placebo (HFHC + plcb) or a resveratrol and polyphenols supplement (HFHC + Supp) in 10 normal, healthy subjects in a crossover design. Quality controls for EMSA include incubating a 5-h sample from HFHC + Plcb (Plcb) with Nrf-2 antibody (Nrf-2 Ab), cold Nrf-2 oligonucleotide (S cold oligos), or nonspecific oct-1 oligonucleotide (NS cold oligos). Samples were collected before and 1, 3, and 5 h after intake. Data are expressed as mean ± se. *, Placebo + supplement, P < 0.05 compared with baseline by RMANOVA; #, P < 0.05 between groups by two-way RMANOVA.