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PMC full text:
Published online 2007 Oct 24. doi:  10.1186/1475-2891-6-30

Table 6

Risk of prevalent disease, by supplement user group.

OutcomeCases: n/(%) **OR*95% CI*
   Multiple Supp users8/(2.9)0.270.12--0.59
   Single Supp users23/(11.1)1.110.74--1.67
   No Supp users70/(8.5)1.00

Coronary Heart Disease
   Multiple Supp users14/(5.0)0.480.22--1.09
   Single Supp users17/(7.1)1.080.52--2.25
   No Supp users47/(5.6)1.00

Heart Attack
   Multiple Supp users7/(2.5)0.510.18--1.41
   Single Supp users16/(7.6)1.760.90--3.42
   No Supp users44/(4.4)1.00

   Multiple Supp users6/(2.2)0.410.14--1.18
   Single Supp users12/(6.8)1.710.82--3.59
   No Supp users35/(4.7)1.00

Congestive Heart Failure
   Multiple Supp users4/(1.4)0.730.18--2.95
   Single Supp users9/(2.8)0.880.26--2.97
   No Supp users31/(3.5)1.00

   Multiple Supp users5/(1.8)1.420.39--5.17
   Single Supp users6/(2.6)1.260.34--4.67
   No Supp users29/(2.5)1.00

   Multiple Supp users88/(31.7)1.000.69--1.46
   Single Supp users71/(31.8)1.230.77--1.98
   No Supp users189/(26.7)1.00

   Multiple Supp users3/(1.1)0.550.09--3.41
   Single Supp users4/(1.8)0.730.32--1.64
   No Supp users23/(2.3)1.00

Health Status
   Multiple Supp users44/(15.8)0.260.17--0.41
   Single Supp users86/(44.4)0.750.45--1.23
   No Supp users302/(50.9)1.00
* Logistic regression methods were used to estimate odds ratios (OR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI), adjusted for sex, age and age2, education, income and income2, and body mass index. The referent group for risk estimation was the No Supp group.

** Number of events, weighted percent

Self-assessed as 'good, fair, or poor' versus 'excellent or very good.'