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Relevant features of the variants used in experiments

HPIV3 HNHN siteNeuraminidase activity (% of wt)aReceptor avidity (mU NA)
Temp of F triggering (°C)d
pH 5.0bpH 7.5c
wtNot applicable100354020
aSee reference 18.
bDegree of red blood cell (RBC) receptor depletion that results in 50% RBC binding (compared to undepleted RBCs) as an indication of relative avidity. A higher mU value indicates a higher relative avidity (15, 18).
cSee references 15 and 18.
dTemperature at which 50% fusion is achieved. This temperature reflects HN's efficiency in triggering F. A lower temperature indicates a higher F-triggering efficiency (18).