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Table 4

Effect of High vs Low Fiber Intake on the Incidence of Having a Stroke

Meta-analysis Authors, YearNo. of Studies in Meta-analysisNo. of Participants in Meta-analysisMain Findings of Meta-analysisQ Test P ValueI2 StatisticEgger or Begg Test P ValueQuality Assessment and Outcome
Zhang et al, 20132911325 627RR = 0.83, P < .05NS39%NSNOS
9/11 high quality

Chen et al, 2013306314 864RR = 0.87, P < .05NS36%NSNOS
6/6 high quality

Threapleton et al, 2013317488 982RR = 0.93,aP < .05P < .0559%P = .002

NOS, Newcastle-Ottawa scale; NS, not significant; RR, relative risk.

a7 g/d.
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