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Table 1

Illustrates the variable definitions used and overlap of different age groups of children

Preterm neonatePeriod at birth when a newborn is born before full gestational period.
Term NeonateBirth to 27 days.
Newborn up to 1 month.
A newborn infant, or neonate, is a child under 28 days of age.
Infant/Infancy28 days to 1 year of age.
1 month to 2 years.
0 to 1 year of age.
Toddler13 months to 2 years.
1 to 3 years.
Preschool child3 to 5 years.
Early childhood2 to 5 years.
Middle childhood6 to 11 years.
Child2 to 12 years.
Young teen12 to 14 years.
Teenager15 to 17 years.
Adolescent12 to 16 years.
10 to 19 years.
Early adolescence12 to 18 years.
Late adolescence19 to 21 years.

a NICHD Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

b FDA US Food and Drug Administration

c WHO World Health Organisation

d CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention