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Table 1

Summary of infant colic and manual therapy RCTs

AuthorsNAge and treatment numbers, type of treatmentInstrumentTherapy/ControlSSDLevel of evidence
Mercer and Nook300 to 8 weeks of age; maximum of 6 treatments in 2 weeks, manual therapy (MT)Subjective parent report questionnaires before treatment and subsequent visitsChiropractic MT to spinal fixations v control of non functional detuned ultrasound machineyesC

Wiberg, Nordsteen and Nilsson50Treatment mean age 4.9; control mean age 5.9; 3-5 treatments over 2 weeks; manual therapy treatmentValidated crying diaryLight pressure with the finger tips v semithicone as controlyesC

Olafsdottir, Forshei, Fluge and Markestad1003 to 9 wks of age, maximum of 3 treatments over maximum of 8 days;
Manual therapy treatment
Crying diary and questionnaire at each visit. At the end of the observation period, the parents were contacted by telephone and interviewedLight fingertip pressure on thoracic spine. Control infants were held by the nurse for 10 minutes with light back massage after being partially undressed in a similar way as treated infantsNo; both groups had a mean reduction in crying from 5.1-5.4 to 3.1 hours per dayC

Koonin, Karpelow-sky, Yelverton and Brent-Rubens31Treatment mean age 5.7 weeks;control mean age 5.9 wks; 6 treatments maximum over 2 weeks; manual therapy treatmentPre, post and follow up questionnaireChiropractic manual therapy with allopathic medication v allopathic medication aloneyesC

Hayden and Mullinger28Treatment mean 6.6 weeks of age, control mean age 6.4 weeks; 2-4 treatments of manual therapyDiaryCranial osteopathic manual therapy v no treatmentyesC

SSD-statistically significant difference; N-number of patients; C-level of evidence defined by Bronfort 1997