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Table 1 PROMs used in clinical trials of manual therapy in children and the assessment of their reported property measurements. For more information on the PROMs, please see Supplement #1

From: Patient-centered outcomes used in pediatric focused manual therapies research studies: a secondary data analysis of a systematic review

PROM and Number of Manuscripts System / Condition being studied
PROM with property measurement stated with references (n = 10)
 Constipation Assessment Scale (n = 1) Constipation and Cerebral Palsy
 Satisfaction VAS (n = 1) Constipation and Cerebral Palsy
 Crying time diary (n = 2) Infantile Colic
 Sleep diary (n = 1) Infantile Colic
 Fear avoidance back questionnaire (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
 Pain VAS (n = 3) Mechanical Low Back Pain, Cuboid Syndrome
 Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (n = 1) Autism
PROM with property measurement stated, but not referenced (n = 7)
 Global rating of change (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
 Low back pain severity (n = 1) Low Back Pain
 Patient specific functional scale (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
 Autism Research Institute - secretin outcomes survey (n = 1) Autism
 Scoliosis Quality of Life Index (n = 1) Scoliosis
 General Health Question from Quality of Life index (n = 1) Chronic-Tension Type Headaches
 Pain Intensity (n = 1) Chronic Tension Type Headaches
PROM with property measurement stated as unknown (n = 4)
 Improvement rating (n = 1) Suboptimal Infant Breastfeeding
 Mother’s report of exclusivity of breastfeeding (n = 1) Suboptimal Infant Breastfeeding
 5-point subjective rating scale (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
 Modified Oswestry disability index (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
PROM with property measurement not stated (n = 31)
 Defecation frequency (n = 1) Constipation and Cerebral Palsy
 24 h Crying time diary (n = 1) Infantile Colic
 Crying time diary (n = 1) Infantile Colic
 Diary for wet night frequency (n = 1) Nocturnal Enuresis
 Doctor classification system based on parental report (n = 1) Infantile Colic
 Dysfunctional voiding symptoms (n = 1) Pediatric Dysfunctional Voiding
 Reported ability to latch and ability to breastfeed (n = 1) Suboptimal Infant Breastfeeding
 Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (n = 1) Low Back Pain
 Frequency of medication use (n = 1) Low Back Pain
 Headache diary (n = 1) Headache
 Headache frequency (n = 1) Chronic tension-type headaches
 Improvement rating (n = 1) Low Back Pain
 Numeric Pain Rating Scale (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
 Quality of Life (n = 1) Mechanical Low Back Pain
 Satisfaction rating (n = 1) Low Back Pain
 Asthma severity and improvement (n = 1) Asthma
 Behavior scores (n = 1) Otitis Media
 Parent-reported occurrence (n = 1) Otitis Media
 Quality of life questionnaire (n = 1) Asthma
 Carer/Parent quality of life questionnaire (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 Fit and sleep Diaries (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 Parent assessment of child global health and sleep (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 Parent reported changes (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 Pediatric pain profile (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 Quality of life using Child Health Questionnaire (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 VAS to rate spasticity (n = 1) Cerebral Palsy
 Functional rating index (n = 1) Scoliosis
 Global Perceived effect scale (n = 1) Upper cervical dysfunction
 Parent questionnaire (n = 1) Upper cervical dysfunction
 Vegetative parameters questionnaire (n = 1) Postural asymmetry
 Visual analog scale for pain (n = 1) Upper cervical dysfunctional