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PMC full text:
Published online 2006 Jan 27. doi:  10.1186/1746-1340-14-3

Table 3

Participant health habits

Health habit% (n = 101)
Mean cups of water consumed daily (range)6.8 (0–20)
Tobacco use
 Currently use2
 Formerly used46
 Never used53
Alcohol use
 Use daily3
 Use occasionally38
 Formerly used, not now21
 Never used39
Mean cups of caffeine consumed daily (range)2.1 (0–10)
Aerobic exercise
 1–2 times/week30
 3+ times/week48
Exercise other than aerobic
 1–2 times/week44
 3+ times/week38
Functional assistance
 Glasses/contacts most of time75
 Hearing aid9
 Need assistance to walk (cane, walker, support from guardrail or companion)
  Most of the time9

All numbers are expressed as percents, unless otherwise specified

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