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Table 4

Location of back pain among pupils with the lifetime prevalence

Scoliosis groupNo scoliosis groupP value
N = 30N = 10,561
Location of the severest back pain
 Region 1 (upper left)26.74204.00.337
 Region 2 (upper centre)516.73773.60.004
 Region 3 (upper right)930.05995.7<0.001
 Region 4 (middle left)413.35715.40.077
 Region 5 (middle centre)723.32,11920.10.649
 Region 6 (middle right)516.75415.10.017
 Region 7 (lower left)310.01,17011.11.000
 Region 8 (lower centre)1033.33,90136.90.850
 Region 9 (lower right)310.01,23311.71.000
aThe sum total exceeds 100% because some pupils selected multiple regions