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Table 4

Adverse reactions by patient

Patient IDAgeDizzinessaAdverse Reaction TypesDuration in HoursPatient ComorbiditiesbTechnique Performedb


65477YesUnsp tenderness1
CT soreness2

91670YesDizziness, neck pain3-4

58886YesHeadache/neck painFew seconds to minutes

09748YesMid back pain>24Fibromyalgia, Celiac diseaseDiversified

62284YesUnsp sorenessFew minutesCardiovascular disease
Low back pain24-48Flexion distr/drop

48554NoHeadache and stiff neck48FibromyalgiaInstrument assisted
Mid back pain<24

Unsp, Unspecified; CT, cervicothoracic spine; flexion distr, flexion distraction to lumbar spine; drop, drop technique to pelvis.

aA presenting complaint of dizziness by self report.
bReported for adverse reactions longer than 24 hours only.
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