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Table 1

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on Older Adults With Impaired Balance

Baseline characteristics by group

Chiropractic n = 6Exercise n = 5Total n = 11
Age (y)a79 (67-92)73 (63-81)73 (63-92)
Sex (Women/Men)3/33/26/5
Marital Status
 Married/Living With Partner235
 Living Alone/Divorced314
 Living Alone Because of Death of Spouse112
 Did Not Respond101
Education (Highest Level Completed)
 High School325
 Some College101
 College Degree112
 Postgraduate Degree123
 Employed Part-Time011
Positive Response to Depression Screenb112
Use of Alcohol
Use of Tobacco
 Current Use202
 Past Use123
 Never Used336
Aerobic Exercise (Walking)
 1-2 Times Per Week303
 3 or More Times Per Week235
Other Exercise (Stretching, Gardening)
 1-2 Times Per Week112
 3 or More Times Per Week224
Water Consumed Daily (Cups Reported)a5 (4-8)4 (3-6)4.5 (3-8)
Caffeinated Drinks Consumed Daily (Cups Reported)a2 (0-10)2 (0-5)2 (0-10)
Unless otherwise specified, frequencies rather than proportions are displayed because of the small sample size.

aMedian (minimum-maximum).
bDepression screener: a yes to either of the following 2 questions is considered indicative of depression: Over the past 2 weeks, have you felt down, depressed, or hopeless? Over the past 2 weeks, have you felt little interest or pleasure in doing things?