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Table 3

Comparison of methods of collecting falls data

IDIntake Interview
Fall CalendarExit InterviewClinical Notes
Past YearPast Month
29Yes; Did Not Remember How Many3No Dataa7; No Treatment4; No Treatment
4730No Dataa00
95010 (4-wk Calendar Only)Not Done; Dropped Out Week 7b1; Noted From Phone Callb; Resulted in Leg Fracture and Hospitalization
1100No DataaNone Reported0
6700No Dataa1, No Treatment1; No Treatment
0111No Dataa00

8500No Dataa01; Radiographs but No Treatment
7910No Dataa00
2700No Dataa00
7110Dropped Out
5610Dropped Out

Unless otherwise specified, frequencies rather than proportions are displayed because of the small sample size.

aPatients forgot to bring fall calendars.
bClinician followed up by phone after patient called to cancel her next appointment because of a fall at home (unrelated to treatment); patient could not continue the study because of a fractured leg requiring surgery.
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