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PMC full text:
Published online 2015 Jul 6. doi:  10.1038/srep11774

Table 1

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Fixed treatment schedule for the placebo group.
Week 1: two sessionsWeek 2:two sessionsWeek 3: two sessionsWeek 4: one sessionWeek 5: one session
Reinforced left and right scapula push sequentiallyBilaterally scapula push and left gluteal pushReinforced right and left scapula push sequentiallyReinforced right scapula and left gluteal pushBilaterally scapula push
Week 7: one sessionWeek 9: one sessionWeek 11: one sessionWeek 12: one session
Bilaterally scapula push and right gluteal pushBilaterally scapula pushReinforced left scapula and right gluteal pushBilaterally scapula and left gluteal push