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Figure 2.

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Short-term Pain Outcomes in Randomized Clinical Trials of Effectiveness of Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Acute Low Back Pain (N = 1421)

NR indicates not reported; NRS, numeric rating scale (range, 0-10; converted to 0-100); ONRS, other numeric rating scale (including ranges of 0-10, 0-70, and 0-100; all converted to 0 to 100); VAS, visual analog scale (ranges of, 0-100 mm or 1-10, converted to 0-100). Size of the data markers represent weight based on the randomized meta-analysis. A high score indicates worse pain. Quality score uses the Cochrane Back and Neck Risk of Bias tool (range, 0-11).

aOutcome data not reported by group, only between-group data reported.