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PMC full text:

Table 2

Relationships Between NPM Use and Demographic/Clinical Variables

YN p YN p YN p
% White72.1282.580.0282.0578.320.3276.8983.780.06
% Female52.8857.300.4261.5450.880.0258.8253.600.26
% College degree57.6946.630.0452.5645.580.1356.3041.440.001
Pain severity4.353.19< 0.0013.683.210.013.453.450.99
MH symptoms0.75− 0.22< 0.0010.05− 0.050.24−
% Opioids32.6917.130.00124.3616.810.04621.8519.370.51
% Non-opioids80.7769.940.0379.9164.60< 0.00176.4768.020.04
Means and t tests reported for dichotomous/continuous variables.
Percentages and Pearson chi square coefficients reported for dichotomous/dichotomous associations

Y yes, using NPM;
N no, not using NPM;
% Opioids % reporting opioid use in past week;
% non-opioids % reporting using a non-opioid medication for pain in the past week