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Table 6

Search strategy for Medline (via OvidSP)

Part A: Generic search for randomized controlled trials and controlled clinical trials
 1Clinical Trial .pt.
 119 not (9 and 10)
 128 not 11
Part B: Specific search for low back problems
 14exp Back Pain/
 16exp Low Back Pain/
 17(lumbar adj pain).ti,ab.
Part C: Specific search for economic evaluation
 21exp “costs and cost analysis”/
 22economics, dental/
 23exp “economics, hospital”/
 24economics, medical/
 25economics, nursing/
 26economics, pharmaceutical/
 27(economic$ or cost or costs or costly or costing or price or prices or pricing or pharmacoeconomic$).ti,ab.
 28(expenditure$ not energy).ti,ab.
 29(value adj1 money).ti,ab.
 32((energy or oxygen) adj cost).ti,ab.
 33(metabolic adj cost).ti,ab.
 34((energy or oxygen) adj expenditure).ti,ab.
 3631 not 35
Part D: Combine
 3712 AND 19 AND 36