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Table 1

Monthly probability of experiencing each level of back pain based on cluster membership at 7 years

 Cluster (trajectory) from 7-year follow-up analysis
 No/occasional painPersistent mild painFluctuating painPersistent severe pain
 No pain0.870.150.010.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.130.800.510.21
 High pain0.000.050.480.79
Month 1
 No pain0.850.060.000.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.150.910.620.17
 High pain0.000.040.380.83
Month 2
 No pain0.650.060.000.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.350.890.120.11
 High pain0.000.050.880.89
Month 3
 No pain0.700.070.010.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.300.860.580.17
 High pain0.000.070.420.83
Month 4
 No pain0.660.090.000.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.340.880.290.18
 High pain0.000.030.710.82
Month 5
 No pain0.750.260.190.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.250.690.730.02
 High pain0.
Month 6
 No pain0.800.160.020.00
 Mild–moderate pain0.200.790.660.11
 High pain0.000.050.320.89