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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Table 4.

\ Final 10-Item EXPECT Questionnaire: Reliability and Validity Statistics

 Community sample, n = 163Clinical trials, n = 244
Cronbach's alpha0.960.96
Test–retest reliability, ICC (95% CI)0.75 (0.63–0.84) 
Floor effect (score of 0), n (%)2 (1.2)0
Ceiling effect (score of 10), n (%)3 (1.8)7 (2.9)
Pearson correlations of the Expectations Questionnaire with other expectations measures  
Credibility/Expectancy Questionnaire
 Treatment credibility subscale0.54 
 Treatment expectations subscale0.65 
 Total score0.65 
Acupuncture Expectancy Scale0.54 
Treatment helpfulness rating0.60