Table 1

Content of the patient questionnaires

DemographicsBaseline2 weeks6 weeks3 months6 months9 months12 months
Education levelX
Marital StatusX
Weight (for BMI)X
Height (for BMI)X

Primary Outcome Measures

 Global Perceived EffectXXXXXX
 Recurrence of back painXXXXXX
 Severity of pain (11-point numeric rating scale)XXXXXXX
 Roland Morris Disability QuestionnaireXXXXXXX
 Cost Evaluation/ Healthcare SatisfactionXXXXXXX
 Adverse Events to TreatmentXXXXXX

Pain Factors

 Duration, onset of symptoms, frequency, radiation, numbness, weaknessX
Expectations of recoveryX
 Satisfaction with the current physical conditionX

Lifestyle Factors

 Physical activity: International Physical Activity QuestionnaireX
 AUDIT-C QuestionnaireX
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality IndexX
 Comorbidity QuestionnaireX

Psychosocial Factors

 STarT Back Screening ToolX

Physical Exam

 Get Up & Go TestX