Table 1

Variation in Chiropractic Supply and Utilization by Hospital Referral Region

Mean (SD)MinimumMaximumExtremal RatioCoefficient of Variation
General Population991,483 (1,128,478)114,07210,300,00090,3501.14
Medicare Beneficiaries82,072 (75,268)13,680456,28533.40.92
Chiropractic Supplya21.5 (9.4)5.679.814.30.44
Chiropractic Utilization Intensityb10.6 (1.8)6.716.82.50.17
Chiropractic Use:c
Among All Beneficiaries75.9 (39.1)14.525417.50.51
Among those with Low Back/Pelvis Diagnosis310 (126)77.37529.70.41
Among those with Cervical Spine Diagnosis463 (149)1418756.20.32
Among those with Cranial Diagnosis192 (101)50.762012.20.53
bAnnual Services per Chiropractic User
cChiropractic Users per 1,000 Beneficiaries

Data for “Cranial Problem” in 8 HRRs and for “Chiropractic Utilization Intensity” in 35 HRRs was suppressed, in accordance with CMS rules for privacy protection. Diagnostic categories overlap. Abbreviation: SD = Standard Deviation