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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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Table 1.

AGREE Global Rating Scale

Each item is rated on a 1–7 scale from lowest (1) to highest (7) quality; maximum score = 49. Quality assessed as follows:
 • Divide total score by 7 for average score.
 • High quality: average 6–7; acceptable quality: average 4–5; unacceptable quality: <4
Process of development
 1. Rate the overall quality of the guideline development methods.
  • Were the appropriate stakeholders involved in the development of the guideline?
  • Was the evidentiary base developed systematically?
  • Were recommendations consistent with the literature
Presentation style
 2. Rate the overall quality of the guideline presentation.
  • Was the guideline well organized?
  • Were the recommendations easy to find?
Completeness of reporting
 3. Rate the completeness of reporting.
  • Was the guideline development process transparent and reproducible?
  • How complete was the information to inform decision-making?
Clinical validity
 4. Rate the overall quality of the guideline recommendations.
  • Are the recommendations clinically sound?
  • Are the recommendations appropriate for the intended patients?
Overall assessment
 5. Rate the overall quality of this guideline.
 6. I would recommend this guideline for use in practice.
 7. I would make use of a guideline of this quality in my professional decisions.